Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Lament - Wanted To Sew - Can't Sew!

Vacation. I planned to spend this whole week on the New Jersey coast, at my parent's house, which is located at the northern end of a resort barrier island. Kayaking 10 miles a day. Digging for clams (and eating said clams for dinner). Walking the beach. All deliciously unproductive. All my deliciously unproductive plans, FOILED by Tropical Storm Ernesto. With 50 MPH gusts of wind, and bay waves at 3 feet, I crossed the causeway bridge, and drove the 2 hours home yesterday. But not before spending the morning pulling small boats out of the water, securely tying up my sister's boat, locking all the windows tight so that water would not blow in.

Since I could not be at the shore, I planned to sew. My mom has been asking for a white linen top. She was with me when I bought the fabric in May! Thankfully, she is a patient woman. How patient? Well, I am writing this in September.

I wake up this morning, to find there is no electrical power. That means no iron. (The gas powered generator cant' take the load of the iron.)

Without an iron, I can't properly sew linen. Well, could work on a knit project - I have a yummy rayon lycra knit and a Kwik Sew Pattern to use. But if I can't do the white linen shirt, I don't want to sew.

So frustrating! There's nothing to do but go back to reading the National Geographic and petting Fremont the cat, while dreaming of sewing the white linen shirt that I should have done months ago.

Now that I can not work on the white linen shirt, there is nothing I'd rather do than sew the white linen shirt.

The linen shirt. Shirt of my dreams.

Funny how that works!

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