Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bubble, Bubble, Who's Got The Bubble?

Kwik Sew 3451 is a 'bubble skirt' pattern. I wanted in on this look, but not puffy-puffy. I wanted it flatter and drapier. I chose a good quality wool jersey (given to me by my friend, Catherine who got it from Jomar), with a lining of nylon tricot (I can't wear wool next to my skin, and the knit lining is more 'giving' on the body than my usual woven silk lining). The skirt has a nice swing when I walk, and it's super comfortable. The knee length is modest, which is good, as I'm wearing this next week for a big work 'to do' in Atlanta.

I've been planning a huge sales meeting/training event for months, and it's finally here starting March 5. Yay! I have several sessions to facilitate. When giving talks, I always try and dress somewhat interestingly, since my 'victims' (the people in the class) have to stare at me all day. Might as well give them an interesting-like outfit to view. And this one is not over the top at all - just somewhat unusual. I'm wearing this with a tight fitting top, and my sky high heels (from Nine West - and surprisingly, very comfortable!!).

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