Thursday, July 05, 2007

Achieved! Three-Destination Packing Challenge

On my agenda, in succession, late last month:
New York City - 3 day work meeting. tailored clothes. heels.
Las Vegas, Nevada - 3 day educational conference. more colorful but business like clothes. heels. leopard halter top for dinner. (hey, I was a Vegas tourist!)
Zion National Park, Utah - 3 days hiking with husband. boots. shorts. t shirts.

Fit hiking boots, heels, work clothes, work books, and Camelbak hydration system into one carry on bag - nope!

Two 40 pound checked bags just about met my needs. (Those hiking boots weigh 5 pounds!)

(I'm the one in the white shirt.) Oh, and Zion Canyon - my third trip there, and still not bored!


Leslie in Austin said...

Bravo on overcoming the seemingly insurmountable packing challenge! I am more than a little envious that you got to hike Zion. Such a lovely place! Looks like you had a great time. I on the other hand am enjoying a little visit from the Philly-area contingent; wonder if there's a way for me to sneak off to Zion, too.....

Lisette M said...

Well my family hiking trip in the woods nearby does not compare to Zion, but you have to start small and look forward to bigger excursions...Congratulations on surviving the packing challenge!