Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tapping the Fountain of Youth

Combine a day of paddling on Barnegat Bay New Jersey, with an evening concert with Styx and Def Leppard and presto, I feel energized as only an 18 year old can be!

AM -- Nick and I launched our kayaks, and set out for the 5 mile one way trip across two major channels (Oyster Creek and Double Creek), our destination being the marshes and beach of Island Beach State Park, right across the inlet from Barnegat Light. The water was flat and the going was easy at high tide. We meandered through the marshes, sighting many healthy families of Osprey and other birds. Then had lunch (chicken salad sandwiches on wheat bread from my bread machine), while sitting on a bank of sand overlooking the inlet, and then saddled up and started to head back, knowing we had to be on the road by 5, to get dinner and hit the Camden Tweeter Center in time to see Styx come onstage at 7:30.

PM -- The tide was going out, and the wind had jumped to 20 knots. Our course took us back across Double Creek, and past a spit of land where the current cuts deeply, due to outgoing tide. We had to dig deep to gain on the outgoing tide and wind. But after 1 1/2 hours of constant paddling (we couldn't stop, or we'd lose ground!) we made it back to harbor. Washed up the boats and headed to Camden. Ate dinner, found parking, walked into our fabbu seats (Row E, Section 101) at the concert venue. Pow. Styx came on, and put on an energetic and truly entertaining show. These guys have not 'lost' anything in over 30 years of 'banddom'. I've always loved 70's style arena rock, and these guys epitomize the genre. In all the best ways. After a stage recharge, without any announcement, bam, the lights went off. Then on. And there was Def Leppard. Hard charging, electrifying. The performers were only 20 feet away from me. Suffice it to say that the crowd was frenzied, and there was no WAY anyone could have walked away from that show not satisfied.

In addition to the performance, I loved looking at everyone who was there. Some people were sporting outfits and 'looks' from the 70's. There were Farrah Fawcett hairdos. And Mullets. Some of us looked like we were wearing the same clothes as we wore in HS, but were just a bit older. Most of the audience were my age ranging from mid 30s to 50s. Kind of like attending a HS reunion, but I didn't know anyone. They were mostly my age. I walked out of that concert fully energized. Amazing, considering that day, we had kayed over 10 miles, in some rough water and strong current. That's the power of music and showmanship, which were delivered to us in the best way by Styx and Def Leppard. And that's why while in my sewing room, I keep energizing hard charging music in rotation.

That these guys are our age and older makes it even sweeter and inspirational for me. They all looked good, played great, and sang as good as they played. Still going strong. Proof that as we get older, we can still rock. So what if the music is 'antique' in some eyes! WE like it.

More on sewing to come. (I'm finishing another version of the Hot Patterns Cha Cha dress today!)

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