Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cardi Love

This quick, easy 'business casual' sweater was mine after a few hours in the sewing room. From Pamela's Patterns. This small independent line has fantastic patterns for knit wear.

BUT Warning " ...DANGER, Will Robinson... " they run large! In the T-shirt pattern, I had to make one size smaller than I normally wear to get the pattern to fit me.

Another thing I like about Pamela's Patterns is her practical instructions. For example, the neckline is eased into the facing, which creates a nice fitting neckline.

Fabric for this cardigan is from Jomar in East Norriton Township, Pennsylvania. $1 per yard. Non stretch fabric, though, so I used my regular size from Pamela's Patterns. And added 1 inch across the back. It fits perfectly. When I make this again, it will be of a regular 25 to 50% stretch fabric, and I'll use the "Extra Small" size, which, again, is one size smaller than my measurements indicate I should use.

The button is a vintage one, purchased in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, at an 'antiques mall'. It's a hard plastic. I used a self fabric loop for the button fastening.

If you've visited me recently, you know that I started a new job a month ago, and am just swamped with work. So even this getting this small project done is a victory for me!

PS - "Extra Credit" if you can tell me from what 1960's TV Show the "..Danger Will Robinson" quote comes!


Nancy (nanflan) said...

Oh too easy--that would be "Lost in Space." Congrats on finishing a project!

Liana said...

Yes, "Lost in Space" with 'Lassie's Mother', June Lockhart as the mom. :) I didn't watch it much, but my sister did, and I can still make her laugh when I throw in a "Danger, Will Robinson" here and there.

Liana said...

Forgot to say that I like the cardigan! What can I say, I'm easily distracted.... Great fabric, too.

Lisette M said...

It doesn't get any more sci fi classic than that! Recently I took my family to listen to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra do their Sci Fi Spectacular; they played a compilation of old tv show themes and the first person to name 3 of the titles got the coolest light saber. Of course we were way up on the balconies so we didn't have a chance. My husband and I sure had fun figuring out the shows!!
Oh! love the cardi set.

Alexandra said...

Great-looking cardi! I love the colorful fabric.