Monday, June 15, 2009


Smokin' Hot, that is. My creative brain has been punched into overdrive!

The summer is almost here, and that's why I'm in my sewing room less than usual. I'm at the shore, traveling, riding my bike, with family. Regardless, I have indeed been sewing some. So check back soon for pics of what I've been up to when it comes to fashion fabric. In the meantime, I just HAD to share with you some amazing and beautiful things. I just purchased the Christine Jonson pattern, Travel Trio One, and can not wait to try it out. It is a beautiful design, I think. Draped on the chair, above, is the most beautiful fabric, also offered by Christine. It's called "Tango". I am SO glad I bought this fabric - it's super stretchy, made of very high quality rayon/poly yarns, and has little parallel ruffles (about 3/4 inch) inserted horizontally, perpendicular to the selvedge. The ruffles and the base fabric are subtly printed with a slightly shiny abstract print. Know that, however, when I say shiny, I do mean subtly shiny. I will wear this to work (I work at a Philadelphia, PA law firm) with no reservations whatsoever. So, I guess you'd say this fabric is conservative, but interesting. Using this fabric, I'm going to do a simple t top and straight skirt and plan to mix and match the garments (no bells and whistles needed, as the fabric will do all my talking in this design).

My friend Catherine just returned from Europe, and sent me a very beautiful and generous care package! See below. These magazines are in Spanish and Italian, and include all the patterns for the designs shown. I know about 2000 words of Spanish, and zero Italian. So I can't read them. But what do I care. These designs and patterns do all the talking I need to hear. From others, I've heard raves about these magazines, Patrones, in particular, and now I know why.
Just a sample of the goodies inside these magazines. Below, check out the feature on shorts. Hot! I really like the pair shown in green in the bottom photo. It has a cute little cargo pocket on the side - sporty and still elegant. I will probably wear mine with gladiator sandals - the high heels are a little much for me. But then again...we'll see...

Catherine also sent me some great things last month, including this book and a beautiful wrist pincushion - the same kind worn by the 'petits mains' in the Paris workrooms, which she had picked up on an earlier trip to Europe. Muchas gracias, Catherine!


Gorgeous Things said...

That pattern is going to look fabulous on you!!!

gwensews said...

CJ does carry some very pretty knits. Her patterns are awesome also.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

That fabric is awesome and I know that you have upped your outdoor activities but I can't wait to see what you make from it!

cidell said...

WAH!!! I need a friend to travel to Europe!

LaKaribane said...

I love Patrones, great styles but the instructions (if you can read them) go something like this:

"Make 5 equal pintucks on each side of the front opening as shown in photograph. Stop at mark."

FYI, I could not find the mark they spoke of on the pattern!!!

I have a harder time warming up to La Mia Boutique. The designs seem soo angular, oddly enough.

I've heard of Modellina but never seen one. IIRC, there's a plus-sized special issue.

Liana said...

What neat fabric! I can't wait to see your top, and those shorts are very you. Should be darling all around.