Sunday, January 22, 2012

Land Ho!

The project that keeps on going and going is almost done. Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic faster than I will have completed this project.

A few hours and it is finished. I think. All that has to be done is finish pressing the neckline, hand stitch the lining under (understitch) -- and I want to do it by hand not machine so as to keep a flexible soft look. Then I need to hem the jacket and the sleeves, also these are lined to the edge, so I will do a hand stitched understitch to the lining.

The loops for the buttons are a braided yarn and ribbon. The jacket meets at center front.

You can see here the on the left side the lining presses in very nicely to the neckline. Be You Ti Ful! All I need to do is the same on the right side. I use a ham to press this curve. Crucial if you want it to lie nicely against the body while wearing. Of course this is the highest quality wool tweed, a gift from my dear friend Patti; the wool melds wonderfully.

I tweaked the fit just a bit at the upper chest, using the princess seam to take in about a half inch from shoulder to bust point.

Goal - to wear this at work during the coming work week! Can she do it? Vamos a ver (let's see).


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It's looking so good! I'm sure you will get it finished in time to wear it this week.

Linda said...

Lovely fabric. This is going to be a great looking jacket.

patti said...

Patti will send the rest of the fabric so you can make a matching skirt--various things got in the way this past week. The jacket is impeccable, gorgeous--stunning!

Lisette M said...

Por supuesto que puedes! The jacket is turning out beautiful, did you also make the trim?

RhondaBuss said...

Love your fabric and lining choice. Can't wait to see the jacket finished!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Beautiful fabric and lining choice, and the pressing really came out well.