Monday, September 02, 2013

Arctic Entry Board

We have an "arctic entry" in our  home -  it's a vestibule area right after you leave the garage, and on the way to entering the rest of the home. So I made a little bulletin board to display stuff we want to look at as we come and go. 

Here are directions .. 

Basically, you take a cork board, staple or glue batting to it, wrapping it around the edges.  Then, do the same thing with fabric.  Then do the ribbons.  I added some buttons at the ribbon intersect.  Nick helped me stretch the batting and fabric, and then I did the rest. 

This is our 'happy board' so we can remind ourselves of things we like as we come and go from the house to our cars.     A no sew project (except for the buttons). 

I'm sewing a dress right now.  But I will be doing a seat cushion to match this board later.  Stay tuned! 


Mens tuxedo suits said...
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Rosy said...

That is a fun idea! I really love the idea of ​​seeing wonderful things when I enter or leave the garage ... although it is a good idea to leave messages and do not forget them when you leave home. Great!