Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cushion Me

Hurrah!  A cushion for the arctic entry.  In Alaska, an arctic entry is a room between the house and the garage in which one takes off shoes, coats, and such.  Lately, when going outside here, in temps at 7 degrees above zero (fahrenheit), and headed for mountain tops 15 minutes from the house which clock winds at 50 MPH, I channel Neil Armstrong on a moon trip.  Clothing wise, that is.  I don't go for the 'depends' diaper or urine channeling rigamarole, of course. 

The cushion is, of course, a place to sit while taking off the shoes.  I made piping for the edges.  The fabric came from my friend Julie, who has a business serving clients in NYC and on Long Island in home decoration.  I brought some of it up with me  to 'elegant-up' the last frontier, so to speak. 


RhondaBuss said...

Elegant as well as hip and ever so functional. Hey, the triple crown for sewing!!

Jenny said...

Both elegant and fun! Love your new cushion.

meredithp said...

Looks great! Love the piping!