Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Don't Get It.

How can the Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge also be a public hunting area?

I took this photo in Barnegat Bay, off Long Beach Island, NJ. This sign is in in the marshes, which is accessible only by shallow draft boat (which, regrettably includes that pestilence of the bay - jet skis).

So, it's a refuge, but you can kill the birds.

It should be known. I am a true omnivore. I have no problem killing birds, fish, and mammals, and eating them, as part of a balanced diet. As long as the killing is done respectfully, and as quickly and humanely as possible.

It just seems supernaturally wierd to have a wildlife refuge, post it accordingly, but also allow hunting in the same space.

I guess in this case, 'refuge' means 'refuge' from the encroachment of multi-million dollar McMansions. But not from hunters. I guess the birds will take whatever they can get.

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