Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Miss Jasmine

Jasmine was my "niece". As much of a niece as a doggie could be. She was my sister Leslie's best friend. Jasmine died last week. I miss Jasmine.

Jasmine, Leslie and I loved to go to a place we called, "Puppy Playground", a bayside beach, overlooking Barnegat Lighthouse, on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

I would throw sticks into the water. Jasmine charged into the waves. Caught the sticks, and squatted in the water, crumbling them to splinters.

Jasmine loved to run with me. And snuff out dead crab carcasses and crunch them in her strong white teeth. Her breath was quite powerful after those trips to 'puppy playground'. We loved her anyway.

By breeding and 'profession' she was a retrieving dog.

But what Jasmine did best was love unconditionally. Everyone who knew her loved Jasmine back.

We are richer people for having known Jasmine.


Anonymous said...

Jasmine was one lucky puppy. She looks very happy in the pictures, and I'm sure she's wagging down on you and your sister from Dog Heaven.

Mardel said...

What a lucky puppy, and what a lucky family you were to have her.

Anonymous said...

You will miss Jasmine for a long long time. My Barney (a toodle) died in April and I still think of him every day. He learned to read me so well that towards the end of his life we were in synch in everything we did together. He asked for so little and gave so much.

Jasmine probably had a lovely life with you. And your heart will ache for a long time. But, then, you have all those lovely memories.

Suzy said...

Our condolences on Jasmine's passing. Furr babies never last long enough for the love and care they give.

We lost our Bishop (rescued greyhound) in June, and he is sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

Oh Barbara - I'm so sorry to hear of Jasmine's passing. She was very luck to have you and you to have her.