Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Textile Workshop - Another Source For Beautiful Fabric!

Last Saturday, some sewing friends and I visited The Textile Workshop, located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. This studio is run by two sisters, Grace and Barbara, and their friend, Judy.

The beauty of these women's work is inspiring. They use various techiques to create beautiful and original surface designs on various types of high quality fabrics.

The piece here is rayon, screen printed. My fabric was just big enough to make McCalls 4304. I've made this pattern before. Its one of those 'old faithfuls'. It fits me well, and the style is simple enough to highlight the originality of the fabric. I will be getting a lot of wear from this top.

And there's more! By having made this top, I'm keeping one of my New Year's Commitments to myself. I bought this 'good' fabric last week because I loved it. I loved it so much I was hesitant to 'wreck' it by cutting into it. But, hurrah hurrah, I gritted my teeth and cut. And sewed. One week later, I have my new top. Of fabric I really, really, love! I'm happy!

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