Monday, January 01, 2007

A Wonderful New Year!

I wish you a wonderful, happy, prosperous New Year, full of love, peace, and contentment!

Here are some my thoughts as we launch 2007:

What I Will Start Doing:
This year, I will stop hoarding stacks of 'good' fabric. I will make a muslin first, thus giving me the confidence to cut into the good stuff with abandon. Life is short.

What I Will Stop Doing: This year, I will stop finding and obsessing over my body's imperfections. I will appreciate my body for what it is - a God-given amalgamation of flesh, brain, bone and blood- one of the most amazing machines ever strong it can kayak 15 miles and carry me over 20 miles of mountain trail without faltering. I will continue to eat healthily, and exercise daily. I will view my body with respect. I will sew clothing for myself that fits and flatters the body I own right NOW!

What I Will Continue to Do: I will continue to find the beauty in every day - whether it's the satisfaction of delivering a well-designed employee training session, the sight of a flock of brown pelicans sailing in the afternoon breeze above Barnegat Bay, Fremont the cat -- as her fur glistens in the window- dusty smelling in the warmth of the sun, or the smell of fresh cotton, hot under my steam iron.

Again.... Happy New Year to Everyone!

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