Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fashion in Film: Period Costumes on the Screen

Today, several sewing friends and I visited Winterthur. This is a DuPont estate located in Delaware. We went specifically to view the Fashion in Film exhibit. All the outfits in the exhibit are viewable online here.

My favorite outfit was number 32, from "Murder on the Orient Express". Jacqueline Bisset wore this hot white number, and I think it is fab. It's the perfect mix of seductive, but somehow untouchable - reserved, and super posh, which is a combination I love.

I was impressed with the craftsmanship on many of these pieces. Some had detailed, impeccable handwork. Others used antique components, like lace and horsehair weaving, which helped create an authentic look for the clothing. This exhibit is well worth the trip!


Anonymous said...

I saw this exhibit...or at least, some of the same costumes in a similar our local museum a year and a half or so ago. I remember a number of those dresses, but not all, and there are a few that I remember that I didn't see, so I think the exhibit must've changed a bit in the interim. I loved Liv Tyler's red dress...the photo doesn't do it justice; it is gorgeous in person. It was cool seeing all the details on the 18th century costumes...the pleated bias trims, the covered, embroidered buttons...I was amazed the costumers would go to such details. Who'd notice that the button was right in a movie scene? I probably would've enjoyed it more if I'd've been a movie afficiando who'd actually seen the movies the costumes were from ;). Thanks for sharing the link!

Suzy said...

Wonderful, wonderful costumes. Thanks so much for sharing.

Leslie in Austin said...

I'm so envious that you got to see that exhibit. The photos of the dresses are amazing--the details you're able to see in person must be incredible. Thanks for posting the link!

I had the pleasure of visiting Winterthur a few years ago. I still chuckle over my favorite part. :-)