Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cold Weather Means, "Time For Chocolate"

Scharffen Berger is my favorite american chocolate. As a second, I also like the French brand, Valrohna.

I just ordered myself a humungo package (2 kilograms!) of 70% bittersweet cacao from my San Francisco Friends at Sharffen Berger.

I hope it gets here before Wednesday so I can give the box to Nick (and myself...hey when you've been married 21 plus years, why waste time hinting around to the spouse...might as well just buy what you want anyway).

I use this chocolate for baking, and also for delectable eating. It comes broken down in 1 ounce blocks, so it's easy to take one out of the box and eat it in the same way as you'd eat those Chunky bars, which were so popular when I was younger.

1 comment:

Lisa Laree said...

Chunky Bars!!!!

Omigosh, now I have a craving....those were always my 'special treat for myself' purchases.

Enjoy your chocolate!