Saturday, March 31, 2007

What I Love About Leftover Fabric... it's kind of like, "buy one get one free". It's an unexpected gift. I like to see what I can do with leftovers, especially if I really like the fabric! In this case, my niece, Julia's birthday is coming up on April 10. I used my new coverstitch machine to help me make this little outfit for her. Julia is a 'pre teen' and wears girls' size 14. The machine is very easy to use, and a lot of fun!

The t shirt is Jalie 2005. The skirt is simply a length of crosswise grain fabric, cut to her measurements, with an elastic waistband applied.

What makes this special, I think, is that I've added a 'built in' slip of nylon tricot. It's a lining, essentially.

Here are some photos of the skirt construction process. The bottom photo is the coverstitch machine doing a three thread stitch. The black fabric is nylon tricot - the lining. I used black because that's what I had on hand. To the far right top photo shows the start of the waistband elastic application. I treated the lining and fabric as one, and put the elastic in by zigzagging it at the top edge. Then I turned it down, enclosing the elastic, and coverstitched to close, which is shown in the top photo. This project was a fun way to learn my new coverstitch machine, used up my leftover fabric from the wrap dress project, and as a bonus, now I have a birthday gift for my niece! (She doesn't know about this blog, so I know it's safe to post this.)

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