Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot Patterns T-Shirt Dress 102 - Not Bad....Not Bad At All!

This is my muslin for Hot Patterns 102. I've read reviews on Pattern Review that say that the finished garment looks like a potato sack. I made a muslin to see what they were talking about.

I think this is meant to be an easy, loose fitting, look, kind of casual but elegant. In my opinion, it achieves that end. The version you see here is made right out of the envelope. I did not hem it, nor did I finish the neckline. With a lower neckline, it will look better. Not bad, but with just a bit of tweaking, it can be improved...keep reading.

The dress is NOT meant to be fitted through seaming, but is fitted to the body with elastic at the lower waist. (Or higher, if that's what you want, I guess...). But I thought it would look better with just a bit of added waist shaping. This second photo shows the bodice taken in at the sides, tapered, to about 2 inches total taken in at the waist. Ahhh....much better, thank you!

I am going to make a final version of this dress. I love the way the shoulders are drafted. And I will taper at the waist for a better fit. This dress MUST be worn with at least a 1 inch heel, in my opinion. Not something I will wear when I want to look my slinkiest, but certainly, a nicely elegant, servicable design.

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