Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hot Patterns 105 "Poetry In Motion" (Lengthened)

I've been kinda busy lately - my life has been filled with 'non sewing' things.

But I managed to squeak into the sewing room today. Given the situation of not a lot of time, I figured I'd be better off with a Quick 'N Easy project. So I chose Hot Patterns 105, the "No Sweat Easy Sew Poetry in Motion" tops. And simply lengthened the tunic version to a dress.

Here are three photos of me wearing the result. (I'm using PhotoBucket to store the photos.) In case that doesn't work, I've included here a front shot of me in the dress.

I used a lightweight finely woven cotton from Metro Textiles (Kashi), in NYC. When I saw this fabric on a recent shopping trip, my mind immediately registered, "Mrs. Roper from the 1970s TV show, "Three's Company". Mrs. Roper was always wearing, in my mind, colorful clothing, and I think she favored caftans while lounging at home. And so I made a Mrs. Roper - style caftan, loosely speaking.

This style is not the most flattering, in that it kind of hides the body (this cotton is on the 'edge' of acceptable fabric for this style - best would be flowing silk or rayon, or a fine knit). But I like this dress. The colors make it fun. The style is easy. This is something I can throw on and wear around town and feel dressed but not showy.

I thought of modifying the style and inserting a empire line elastic, but decided to just leave this alone.

Nick, my husband, says I look like an overgrown baby wearing this outfit. He has a point. It does kind of look like you could hide a diaper or two in this thing. But anyway, I'm wearing this. High heels, makeup, and jewelry are essential, I think, so as to avoid the housedress vibe.

Other notes - this was very well drafted. There is a shaped neckline facing which works wonderfully. The pattern went together very smoothly. This would be a perfect project for a new sewer.


Lisette M said...

Well, my husband would agree with yours (ask me how I know...)but I like it! The print makes it so fun. And you made me smile mentioning Mrs Roper, I sure remember her in similar styles, that said you look nothing like her in your dress. Enjoy it!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...


I like the print on the fabric and probably for running errands on a Saturday morning it would be a cool, comfortable choice. Liked the Mrs. Roper comments....