Sunday, November 11, 2007

Healing Tablecloths

I am proud to show you my latest, greatest creation! Actually, there are two of these. They're tablecloths. The kind displayed on registration tables at conferences and the like.

I did these for A Chance to Heal Foundation. They're having a fundraiser on November 15 at Philadelphia University.

If you're in the Philadelphia area, check out this fundraiser. I will probably be there.

Anyway, A Chance to Heal asked me to make these tablecloths for them. I am going to Washington DC for work early this coming week, so I needed to get these done fast! These are made of poly fabrics from Joann. (It was in their Halloween Costume section, and the fabrics were labeled, "costume fabrics". ) I was really lucky to find the three colors, exactly, that I needed!

I used a copier machine to enlarge their logo to 'table size', then I dusted off my applique skills (I was a prolific quilter many years ago, for a few years), and went to work. It was pretty simple. I traced the design onto the fabric using my tracing wheel and carbon paper. Then I traced the applique shapes, cut them out with the rotary cutter, and stuck them on to the fabric, where I wanted them, using 505 Spray and Fix. This stuff is great, and I use a lot in regular sewing for things like hems. This spray is a temporary adhesive -- lasts a few days. Then evaporates without a trace. I affixed my design permanently using a very close zig zag stitch, with rayon thread.

The whole project is made of poly knit, but the applique embroidery is rayon. I used a microtex needle which worked great on the thick fabric. And I used a tear away stabilizer on the back.

This was a satisfying project. Not as much fun as sewing clothing, but fun regardless!

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ISilver said...

Barbara these are totally incredible and beautiful. When we saw the cloths I almost cried. They captured the essence of the organization and it's mission. You are the best.