Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quick NYC Trip Report

My niece, Christine, is an artist working in photography. She uses a variety of processes, including wet collodion. I was happy to accompany her to NYC last week to source fabric which she's using for an upcoming exhibit scheduled in February in Arizona.

We went to B & J, Mood, and of course, Kashi!

The bottom photo is Christine, buying a wonderful cotton at Mood, for use in her project. Christine and I both bought more fabric at Kashi's. The photo of me on top was taken by Christine. You can tell she's a photographer by the way that photo is composed, can't you?

Speaking of Kashi's - he just got in some lightweight black silk knit that is "TDF" ("to die for"), and also some really nice silk/cotton blend wovens. I haven't been sewing a lot, so I did not buy that much from him, but what I got was gorgeous! (NAYY).

Speaking of my sewing, stay tuned. I'm working on a 'big' project. Making a mock wrap dress of some "Anna Sui" silk purchased last month from Fabric Mart. I've underlined it, and am making a point of using quality techniques and (hong kong seam finishes, stabilization at neckline, silk organza interfacing at hem and strategic places). I think I'll have that dress done shortly, and when I do, you'll see it here first!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Your pictures inspired me to head over to Kashi's after work today! I only picked up a few pieces but he has some good new stuff in there! Did you see the black wool that was embroidered with the ribbon trim?

Nancy W. said...

How fun. One of these days I will make a trip to NYC. I live in California and am still trying to make it to the LA garment district!