Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Progress Report - Vogue Dress

Not sewn together - pieces draped on dress form.
I believe this pattern is out of print - but it's a good one. Claire Shaffer writes outstanding instructions.

Normally, I'm a 'one project at a time' sewer. This project, however, has been on my dressform and in progress since November, 2007!

The fabric is from Fabric Mart, and the pattern is an older Claire Shaffer one from Vogue. I could not find it on the Vogue website, and I suspect it may be out of print, which is why I've posted a pic of the envelope above.

This is what some might call an 'epic' project. The fabric is silk charmeuse, and I've underlined it with silk lining (I have a 33 yard roll of this black lining - bought from Michael's Fabrics a while ago, and worth the investment to have it on hand!). I'm using 'hong kong' seam finishes, and taking care with the entire process.

I guess that so far I've put 20 hours into this project, with another 10 or so to go. I'll probably finish it before February - but on second thought... why commit. I'll just say I will finish it before it gets hot outside here. That gives me until the end of April, at least.

In the meantime, I'm off to Joann Fabric, where Vogue patterns are on sale for $3.99! I'm happiest with lots of stuff on queue.

Happy new year!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I recognized the fabric right away! *LOL* Wow, wow, wow! This is going to be an amazing dress when finished!

Marji said...

Along with Carolyn, I'm Loving it!
I look forward to seeing the finished dress.
And I too recognize that fabric.
I envy you the 50 yd bolt of black silk lining. I can't tell you how often I'm running out of black lining lately, and I tend to buy it 10 yds at a time.

Nancy K said...

gee I recognized that fabric right away. I bought it in the other color way. Gorgeous in this dress. I'm with Marji, I wish I had that bolt of black silk lining! Looking forward to seeing it finished

Linda said...

Like Carolyn, I recognized this fabric right away. I am sure your dress is going to looks gorgeous.

Nancy W. said...

This dress is going to look great when it's finished. You will love it!