Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A trip to Jomar - and Jalie Wrap Top

Jomar is one of my favorite fabric sources. They recently closed their Lansdale, PA store, and replaced it with one in East Norriton, near Norristown.

I went there to East Norriton, this past Saturday and got this:

On the left: "Theory" 100% cotton dark purple knit. Above that - gauzy periwinkle cotton/rayon knit. At top: thread at $2 per spool. To the right: tubular "Theory" knits of 92% nylon, 8% lycra. And sweetest of all - all the fabric was only $1 per yard. The "Theory" provenance is from my snooping inside the cardboard tubes. The fabrics were labeled to "Name" at "Theory", direct from the mill. Jomar is a 'jobber', meaning they buy up overstocks and extraneous materials from department stores and designers.

I like "Theory" as a career wear label; I sometimes buy it at Bloomingdales. How much better, however, for me to buy good quality fabrics from Jomar, and make my own things. Such as this:

This is the Jalie crossover top (Jalie 2449). I made it from one of the "Theory" tubular knits you see above -- from Jomar. This top is perfect under a suit jacket. Machine washable and at the same time, professional wear.

I have made this top before, and in the past two days I've made two of them. This pattern has become an 'old faithful' to me!

I'm off to Pensacola, Florida for work, where I'll be for the next four days. When I'm gone, I'll be dreaming of what I'll make with the rest of my Jomar haul, above!


Lisette M said...

I love your new top. The fabrics are beautiful colors. Looking forward to your future projects!

Isabelle said...

Pretty top, Barbara! The colour is lovely.

rosanne said...

Lovely top! I'm envious that you have a jobber close by to provide decent knits! Theory has really wonderful fabrics, especially the RPL used for pants and dresses. If you can find this, grab it :) Lucky duck!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

That one looks great on you Barbara! I can understand how that pattern is a reliable friend! Boy, I'm jealous, Jomars I haven't been there in quite some time!

Anonymous said...

I am new to this area - I can not find the address of the East Norriton Jomar - where is it? I love
Jomar for fabrics - it is the best. Help me find it!

Barbara at Cat Fur Studio said...

Hi, Anonymous -- Here is the address:

1721 Markley St.
Norristown, PA 19401


sunshine said...
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sunshine said...

what ever happened to the old employees of Lansdale Jomar? Before they closed I would go there every other day looking for great fabric and I would ask for a girl Bobbie O. She would take the time from her busy job just to answer questions and help me out and find what I was looking for and she was a charm to be a very good employee. When Jomar lost her they lost alot. They would of stayed in Lansdale if she didn't leave. I want to know if she is working at another jomar store I would recommend everyone to find her she nose her job. If shomeone could tell me were is Bobbie O.?