Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tomorrow is my mom, Anne's birthday. She is getting this:
This must be the fifth or sixth time I've made this shirt. It's the third one I made for mom. She's already got a black linen version, and a white linen version. So it seemed only right that she'd now get a black and white version. In faithfulness to Gregor Mendel, maybe the next one I make will be grey!

Although the pattern envelope says this is a 'two hour' top, yeah, right... it always takes me about 6 to 8 hours to make. That's because when it comes to sewing for other people, I can't do things 'fast and easy'. The interior of this top is totally finished. I used welt seams, silk organza interfacing, and, in general, did everything I could to make it clean looking and durable for many years of wear without fraying.

I've been using this pattern a lot in the past few years because it's got a 'goldilocks' neckline. Perfect. Not too low. Not too high. Hugs the body 'just right'. Here is a version of this pattern that I made last year for myself. I also made another version a few years back, using wool jersey, lined with silk. And I made a matching pair of pants to go with.

This pattern is out of print, but available here, if you're interested.


Alexandra said...

Beautiful! So simple yet elegant. I love the fabric.

CLF said...

Argh! I bought this pattern ages ago and I have misplaced it! I've been dying to make it lately. (In fact, I've taken half my house apart looking for it.) Your version is beautiful!