Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick Top - Fun To Make

Diane inspired me to start whipping up some more of those easy print knit tops. You know - the ones we see in major department stores, selling for hundreds of dollars, in some instances.

Here is what I whipped up in less than two hours using Vogue 2980.

The fabric is a rayon/lycra knit - very lightweight, from Vogue in Evanston, IL. I was lucky enough to meet up with several great 'fiber' women a few weekends ago, and Vogue was one of our stops. This fabric, in fact, was purchased by Diane, too! We both loved it, and since we live on different coasts, I figured the chances of us being seen together in the same fabric were minimal.

An easier pattern to make than this can not be found, methinks. The front neckline is self faced to below the bust, with a simple turn of the cloth. The back neckline is folded, pleated, and stitched to the armhole first, then the shirt is assembled from there. The neckline is such that I thought my bra straps would show, and was going to insert bra strap stays, but this turned out to be unnecessary. I don't even have to think about them.
This design should only be made with a thin fabric, I think, so as to avoid bunching under the arms where the neck piece (which is turned and then pleated where it joins the front armhole) sits.


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Barbara - what a cute top! And what a fast sew! At least this piece of fabric is not lingering in your fabric collection!!!

Marji said...

That top looks great on you, and I'm so impressed on how fast it went from flat fabric to finished garment.

connieB said...

Mmmnn Barbara - nice top. I like this pattern too. You can even use a contrast or solid fabric for the bolero -y part and give it a different look.

Sewfast said...

Your top is adorable...I love the style and your fabric choice! Good job! Mary

Claire said...

This is a very cute top and it looks good on you