Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handbag Happy!

Well, not "handbag happy" yet, but I'm going to be soon, thanks to my receiving this mini-haul from M & J Trim. They were having an online sale a few weeks ago on handbag handles, so I bit. Check out those spotted ones - inlaid wood, and I paid, I think, less than $8 or $9. A deal. I also bought some sew on 'jewels'. I like those black plastic square handles, too. And the wooden circles.

Because the little bags I made a few weeks ago were a hit with the recipients (see previous post), I thought I'd make a few more larger bags, and maybe give them as holiday gifts. That's why I bought all these handles.

Right now, however, I'm in the middle of a little project - I'm making a sleeveless black sheath dress, using Nancy Erickson's 1960 top pattern as a base. I've been using this pattern to make semi-fitted (looser than the famous Jalie T-shirt) knit garments for over 8 years. I'm lining this to the edge with black power dry. So, a few hours to get that done (stay tuned), and I'll be on to handbag making mode over the Thanksgiving Holiday. (Nick and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 15, so sewing will start on Friday!).


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Great haul and I'm sure there are going to be some amazing purses made to accompany those great handles.

Liana said...

You picked some great handles, and I can't wait to see your new bags. But....dinner for 15? Wow! You're very brave, and obviously a confident cook. :) Have a great time!