Saturday, November 21, 2009

RedHOT and Me

Over a year ago, a friend and I spent a day modeling for Ileana Andruchovici and Alex Stanciu. So cool that I was able to spend the day putting on garments worth thousands of dollars. And Alex is totally a professional photographer, so I felt like a supermodel that day.

Ileana and Alex are a Mother-and-Son team. Their business, Olympia Creations is worth checking out. They print luxury silk fabrics so that their finished garments are rendered seamlessly beautiful. Their clothes feature their original artwork. Ileana is by training an archetect, and Alex is a computer expert. Together, they rock beautiful clothes. They sell at high end boutiques and juried art shows.

Their "Mystic Forest" dress is featured in the Paradise City Arts Festival "RedHOT" exhibit. And, yes, none other than MOI, is wearing their fantastic dress.

Here's more info on the show, "RedHOT", which is in Massachusetts this weekend.

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meredithp said...

Stunning stuff, I had noticed them (through "stalking" you) on FB. All I can say is WOW!