Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Handbag

I love to make gifts for people. It is fun to totally customize what I give, and from what many of you tell me, you like to make gifts, too. This is the "Chloe Handbag" from Lazy Girl Designs. It's made of wool, and has a magnetic snap closing. The handles are durable, lightweight black plastic.

The bag is lined with a wool pinstriped suiting, and the first initial of my recipient, "L" for Leslie, is embroidered (using my trusty Bernina from 2000) in white rayon on one of the internal pockets.

This handbag is the perfect size to keep inside a larger work bag, to pull out at lunchtime, or whenever.

Here's Leslie with her handbag. Oh...and the occasion of the gift - her birthday. We were born exactly one year apart on the same day. When we were little, on our birthday, we always each got our own cake.

And here's the VP, Operations. Fremont found her way into my interfacing bucket - making Cat Fur Studio true to its name. Cat Fur in every hem. Cat Fur forever!


meredithp said...

What a cute bag. You have a lucky friend! I particularly like your idea of the pinstripe lining.

Fremont is just trying to make it easier for you to fuse cat fur permanently into your projects. I can tell that she's very helpful.

And Happy Birthday to you.

gwensews said...

That's a great gift. I loved making handbags, and Lazy Girl has some terrific designs.

Leslie said...

Dear Barbara
I took my beautiful little bag to NY for a fun filled weekend! Perfect for the NY Ballet!
Thank you very much for your thoughtful gift. Looking forward to Christmas on the farm!
Fun to meet your friend in the Fashion District, He admires you!
Love Leslie