Sunday, January 09, 2011


Sometimes I feel the need to get down to 'business' and make stuff I really really REALLY need. So a few weeks ago, I made a few new pairs of leggings, this one of Bamboo Knit. I used the Baseware One pattern from Christine Jonson. I've had this pattern for years, and love it (the top and bottom) for yoga and 'first layer' wear. The bamboo fabric is warm to wear without being heavy, drapes wonderfully and feels very soft but not flimsy next to my skin.

It has been colder than usual this winter, where I live on the east coast of the US. So these come in handy under pants, jeans, and skirts.

I use a really soft waistband elastic, 1 inch in width, so that the waistband is not too stiff under my other clothes.



Gail said...

It is kind of hot here right now, but I would love to wear leggings and those boots next winter. I'll check out the pattern.

Lisette M said...

I like the outfit you put together with your new leggings very much. They should keep you warm in this cold weather we are experiencing

Mardel said...

I like the way you put those together with the dress and boots.

I've been recently surprised at how warm bamboo is for the weight. I didn't expect it.

Liana said...

I love the way these look with your dress/tunic. Very polished looking, and warm too. I haven't tried any bamboo knits, and have wondered if they hold their shape as well as anything else.

cassie min said...

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