Saturday, January 08, 2011

It's a Sewing Hat!

When Nick saw this, he said, "It's a sewing hat!". He was reacting to the button trim.

I found the pattern in issue 22 of Sew Hip magazine. I bought this magazine on a whim at my local Philadelphia Borders store back in November.

The instructions were pretty primitive, and did not include a lining or 'sweatband' insert, so I added my own polishing touches. I broadened the brim, and I lined the hat, then installed an elastic headband inside. I used the serger for most of the construction, using 1 centimeter seam allowances.

My fabric is from Mood in NYC. I bought it back in 2005 when there on a visit with friends. I lined the crown with Liberty cotton which I got while in London back in 2001. I bought it at the actual "mother ship" - the Liberty of London store. The buttons are vintage, bought at an antique mall in Quakertown, PA, a few years ago.

Update - January 16,2011 -- The brim was way too floppy, so I inserted 6 strands of monofilament fishing line (nylon), braided together, into the circumference of the brim. I did this by putting a channel of rayon seam binding at the edge, and threading the line through.



Liana said...

Very nice hat! I've used wire in a brim before, and it's well worth doing, and quite easy to insert.

reub-envision said...

the after results are a whole lot better thumbs up

Liana said...

Oh yes, After is definitely better, and looks much more you. Very jaunty!