Sunday, August 14, 2011

For That Dressy-Casual Vibe

Before I start, may I introduce one of my handsome new sewing assistants? This is Snowy. Snowy and his brother Smokey have big paws to fill here at Cat Fur Studio, but they are confident they're up to the job.

Here's a casual dress with interesting details. It's really easy to wear and comfortable. It's Vogue 1225, Tracy Reese.

My fabric is rayon lycra knit, lightweight, from Metro Textiles (Mr. Kashi), NYC. I had bought 3 yards of this fabric over a year ago, thinking I would use it for a few knit tops. But I decided to use it for a dress. So, even with my lengthening the dress a bit, which is par for me, I squeaked out just enough from this length to make the dress (the pattern calls for 3 1/8). So I have zero, ZILCH fabric left over from this project.

Anyway, I did have to make the self fabric drawstring from a few wonky pieces of leftover, instead of cutting from a nice straight length, but that was ok, because the pieces are all encased in the casing anyway and thus don't show.

The front pocket detail was easy to do. Once I positioned the pockets on the skirt, I used spray adhesive to keep them in place during stitching.

At the shoulders and waistline, I used kind of smocking stitch (by machine) to add interest to the lines of stitching, rather than use a straight stitch. I like the substance this seems to give the design.

I added two hanging loops at the waistline, one at left side and one at right side. These are suspended from the hanger when in the closet, to bear the weight of the skirt, so that the dress can hang from the shoulder on the hanger, but without stretching out the neckline. This pattern uses a lot of fabric, and rayon is heavy so this, I felt, was crucial.

My trusty assistant Snowy is shown here with the loop detail, because he was just SO interested in this that I did not have the heart to discourage him. Smokey and Snowy (more on the "boys" later!) are enjoying learning the ropes here at Cat Fur Studio land.

The back neckline has a drawstring of self-fabric. To tip both ends of the drawstring, I added two bugle beads, sourced from Foreign Bazaar, in Philadelphia.

I did not add the "petticoat" that is part of the pattern,that is supposed to be added at the waistline under the skirt. When I move in the dress there's plenty of volume in the skirt, and I didn't really want more volume, which of course the "petticoat" would have given.

This dress will come in handy for casual dinners and other times (like a movie) when I want to look "nicer" but don't want to go full bore with a really dressy vibe. I put my hair up for the photos so you could see the neckline better.


KayY said...

You look Fabulous!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You do look amazing in this dress! Lovely color, lovely work, lovely you!

patti said...

What Kay and Carolyn said! That color is perfect for you!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Looks great! I love the color and the little touch with the beads on the ends of the ties is perfect.

wow account for sale said...

WoW!that was great. .you look very fab with the dress.=D