Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Pink Peasant

 The warmth of summer is waning here in Alaska, but it's not too late to enjoy a lightweight cotton top!  This is the Classix Nouveau Refined Peasant blouse from Hot Patterns. 
 My fabric came from Mr. Kashi at Metro Textiles.  I bought this about two years ago.  It's a lovely floaty cotton.  I wore this all day today, so this is what it looks like after a long day at the office, partly sitting in sweaty meetings. 

Speaking of Metro Textiles, I was in NY two weeks ago, and paid Kashi a visit.  I got a load of lovely knits for Alaska wear!  I also went to Sposabella with my niece Christine, my parents, and my sister, because I'm making Christine's wedding gown!  We picked out our fabric, but I am waiting until the muslin is finished, approved and fitted before getting the fabric.  It's Alencon lace and satin.    The basic design is going to be a takeoff on Princess Grace's gown -and I'm using this pattern as a base.  And I think it looks pretty similar to the gown worn by Princess Kate at her wedding. 

Back to my current project!   This top has lots of ease, but it's floaty and flattering when being worn, but it is a MUST to wear skinny pants or skirt underneath, so as to balance the look! 
 Nick took the photo on our front porch.  Smokey and Snowy supervised. 


RhondaBuss said...

It makes my dy to see a post from you :) Alaska is truly agreeing with you as you look wonderful.
I hope you let us in on the wedding gown process. I'm sure it will be lovely. And I love the top!!

Diane E said...

Beautiful floaty top, Barbara. Your pictures brought me into your world. What a wonderful place and the kitties seem so at home, too.