Sunday, November 30, 2014

Striped Action

I've made this top, the "Mighty Aphrodite" from Hot Patterns five times now, and I still am not tired of it. In fact, tops I made several years ago are finally starting to wear out, but I still LOVE this pattern!  It fits well, I love the look, and it's fun to make. 

This past August, while visiting in the East,  I bought a haul of fabric from Mr. Kashi at Metro Textiles in NY.  I brought it back to Alaska, and  I've sewn up all but two pieces of it now. 

This piece, a striped rayon, was super appealing to me, and I thought for quite some time about what it would become.  I love the fabric so much that I didn't want to mess it up!

I made a matching skirt, echoing the drawstring from the top in the skirt.  I used vertical stripes for the skirt, with a horizontal inset, bordered by the ties. 

It snowed here in south central Alaska last night, and we're celebratingly happy because we have not gotten much snow this season... until now. This snow is going to be a nice base layer for skiing! 

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Grazina Ajana Szewczyk said...

I love it, Barbara!

The pattern is very smart, and your choice of fabric is great.

Thanks for adding a link to the hot patterns, I mentioned your name in my comment under their video on YouTube, I hope you don't mind. I guess they'll be happy to know that their customers recommend them :)