Saturday, December 09, 2006

So Someone Reads This After All!

I feel kinda like a doofus.

I was idly wondering if anyone read this thing. Commenting indicates that someone is reading. I LOVE comments! I want to know what you think! Otherwise, I'd just keep a private journal.

Anyway, I just discovered that I had set this blog set to moderate your comments -that I would be told someone commented, and then asked to release the comment for public view.

But I never got the notifications, and thus didn't know you had commented!

I just released your comments for publication and changed my settings so that anyone who wants to can comment at will!

Thanks for commenting! I LOVE to know what you think about the things that come out of my 'furry mind'.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Your "niece" looks like a very loving pet--so sorry to hear that she isn't with you any more--but her spirit is there. It makes me want to be more unconditional in my response to people in my life. That for sharing the story. Will there be a younger "niece" in time? I love reading your blog and have been reading it now for probably about 3 months--you are very creative. I especially like your recent Onion jacket you made in the dark plum color!

Anonymous said...

Oops! What I meant to say was THANKS for sharing your story.

Mary Beth said...

Sometimes I think our wonderful shared cyberspace just lies in wait to make us look like fools!

cmarie12 said...

Barbara ~ I think you should post more of your wonderful garments to this spot so that we can all marvel at your craftmanship! Glad you set your blog to unmoderated. I tend to "talk" more when the comments go right in. What is it about instant gratification that drives us so!